Toth Marine
Formerly Toth Marine Ltd.

Boats, Canoes, Dock Boxes,
Fiberglass Components & Accessories

Celebrating 40 years in business!

Toth Marine has been in fiberglass fabrications business for over 36 years in the Kawarthas in Eastern Ontario. We are proud that all of our fabricated fiberglass products are completely Canadian handcrafted and shipped throughout Ontario and across Canada.

Toth Marine in-house fiberglass repair facility, and specializes in both fiberglass boat repairs and custom fabrication. With our 36 years of experience, we are well qualified to handle all of your Fiberglass boat repairs or custom fiberglass fabrication needs.
We are a firm believer in customer service, honesty, good working relationships and doing whatever it takes to satisfy our customers!

Our manufacturing lineup:
Fiberglass Boat Repair
We specialize in any type of fiberglass repairs and restoration on boats or anything made of fiberglass, including color matching. We also offer many fiberglass accessories such as, swim platforms, radar arches, consuls, fly bridges, fishing boxes etc.
Fiberglass Canoes, Fishing, Speed, Ski boats and Dinghies
We manufacture a line of fiberglass fishing boats, small speed boats and ski boats, Manitou canoes, and dinghies.
Dock and Utility Fiberglass Storage Boxes
We are Canada’s top and largest fiberglass dock and storage box fabricator. These boxes have literally thousands of uses including boats, cottage docks and many commercial/ industrial applications.
Custom Fiberglass Fabrication
We also custom manufacture many fiberglass items for the agricultural, industrial, automotive and commercial sectors, including design, prototypes and molds.
We can virtually replicate just about anything from fiberglass or related composites. Specializing in new design, prototypes, plugs, moulds. If you have the need for something custom made? We are the people to get it done on time and budget!

Toth Marine

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